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Warriors and Huskies of Olde Face Off This Weekend in Annual Alumni Game

The last practice with pads was conducted Wednesday night. The gridiron gladiators will take to the hallowed field of combat Saturday night to face the Olean Huskies' alumni team.

The former Warriors football players don the gear for the annual game to benefit the current generation of Warriors on the hallowed ground of Vet's Park.

The Salamanca football program is the number one priority as far as allocating proceeds, alumni players said.

There were doubts about the very existence of a team this season. Interest seemed to begin to wain, but new blood in the organization brought new thinking to the game.

According to organizers of the rivalry alumni game, the younger players wanted to have the chance to play ball with some of the Salamanca Warriors of the past. It was their insistence that has kept the program alive.

The game that will be played Saturday night at 7:30, at Bradner Stadium, will help out the varsity football program at the two schools involved.

Salamanca and Olean will split the gate earnings and the Huskies, being the home team, will keep the concessions proceeds.

The funds made will go into helping with the expenses of running a varsity football program.

This year's Warriors squad will feature seven first-year players.

One of the rookies will bring new blood to the quarterback position. Rudin Emborski, a 2004 graduate, is listed as a 6-1 190-pound quarterback and linebacker. He adds depth to the offensive skipper position, falling in line behind 1999 graduate Dan Earley, who is in his seventh year on the alumni team.

Two more of the new guys will add depth to the defensive end position.

John Zalewski, a 1990 graduate, and Wes Stark, a 2006 graduate, join alumni veterans Chad Bartoszek, Lee DeBoy and Jim Winters in the position.

Jeremy O'Brien dusts off his skill and becomes the tam's second wide receiver with six-year vet Jason Wass. O'Brien is a 2000 graduate.

Bruce Jimerson and Chad DeBoy bring their protective skills and size to the trenches on the lines.

The team will have a walk-through Friday night and a team dinner before the game.

The Warriors alums go into hostile territory this weekend.

The school will be holding its annual alumni weekend.

Warriors offensive and defensive tackle Seth Hostuttler said that the team could use support in while in enemy territory. Hostuttler said he hopes that the team gets the support it needs to do well. "This is something that we hope everyone comes to Olean to support," he said.

The Warriors will be represented by:

2 Jason Wass WR/OB

5 Rudin Emborski QB/LB

8 Dan Earley QB/LB

16 Aaron Hill TE/OL

21 Jamie Pierce OB/DB

26 Dustin Ross FB/LB

30 Bob Magiera Corner/RB

30 Jeremy O'Brien WR/DB

31 Jim Winters CB/DE/TE

33 Derrick Murphy WB/C

34 Darrin Ross FB

44 Paul Haley DT

51 Wes Stark DE

54 John Zalewski DE

62 Cody Hostuttler C

64 Dave Osborne OT/DT

68 Bruce Jimerson OL

70 Matt Quattrone T/T

72 Seth Hostuttler T/T

74 Chuck Donner T/T

77 Jess Wilson G/DT

79 Chad DeBoy

83 Lee DeBoy E/DE

84 Jay Weitzel T/L

86 Chad Bartoszek TE/DE

89Jason Marsh T/l

Head Coach: Chris Krantz

Asst. Coach: Tom Calzone

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