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Alumni: Building the All Decade team, Tight Ends (UB Bulls).

Having moved from an all roster to a simple all decade has its advantages. Firstly it's far easier to find impressive candidates Coming to the last of the offensive Skill positions. So far its looking rather like the 2008 Bulls. In a throw back to the pre Gill era Anrde Forde made the cut as UB's third receiver.

  • Coach: Turner Gill

  • Quarterback: Drew Willy

  • Running Back: James Starks

  • Receivers: Naaman Roosevelt, Brett Hamlin, Andre Forde

This brings us to the tight ends. Over the past decade there have been three that stand out above all the rest. Jesse Rack, Chad Upshaw, and Chad Bartoszek.

Chad Bartoszek:

While his stats might look similar to the other tight end on the list Bartoszek managed them during far leaner years than Jesse Rack.

Year Rec Yds Avg TD

2000 6 64 10.7 2

2001 42 441 10.5 4

2002 45 350 7.8 0

Career 93 855 9.2 6

During the 2001 season he led the team in receptions and was second only to Andre Forde the following year. On those two seasons Bartoszek became the Bulls' first two-time All-MAC selection (2001-02).

It also propelled him to the Colts camp.

Chad Upshaw:

Upshaw was never a key player in the passing game. He competed on teams that made far more receiver oriented than the teams which preceded him. Still, even competing for time against the likes of Brett Hamlin, he manged to become the most Tight end of UB's modern era.

Year Rec Yds Avg TD

2003 9 48 5.3 1

2004 13 146 11.2 2

2005 37 359 9.7 3

2006 35 419 12 1

Career 94 972 10.3 7

His senior year earned him All-MAC honors and was followed by a stint in the NFL. Chad inked a three year deal with the Carolina Panthers in 2007 but finished with the Denver Broncos. Recently he decided to play in Europe, signing with the Barcalona Dracs for the 2011 season.

Jesse Rack:

Rack was a valuable but not an obvious part of the 2008 UB Bulls championship run. All eyes that year were on the big three (Roosevelt, Starks, and Drew Willy).

Still his 2007 and 2008 season continued a decade long tradition of effective receiving tight ends. In 2009 though he ceased to be a background component and broke out for career highs in receptions, yards, and touchdowns.

His seven touchdowns that year stand at 10th for all time single season touchdowns by a Bull. 2009 earned Rack all Conference honors and a spot in the Jets rookie camp as an undrafted free agent.

Year Rec Yds Avg TD

2006 2 15 7.5 1

2007 15 191 12.7 1

2008 21 205 9.8 0

2009 30 432 14.4 7

Career 68 843 12.4 9

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