Warriors spring upset over Griffins at snowy Vets' Park

Springville unbeaten streak ends at 31 games -

By DAN SERNOFFSKY - Press Sports Editor

It was worth waiting for.

For seven weeks everyone watched and wondered as the Salamanca Warriors met team after team while always keeping an eye on the calendar, waiting for that final game with Springville, the game that was postponed in the second week of the season.

After all that waiting, the game finally arrived.

So did the Warriors.

In what had to be, purely and simply, a classic high school football game, the Salamanca Warriors dealt the Springville Griffins a 13-6 setback Friday night on a snow covered field at Veterans' Park.

Undaunted by the weather, about 2,500 fans filtered into the park, but never got the chance to settle back and enjoy things. Action was continuous, and every armchair quarterback there had a chance to guess what strategy would be used next, and then to comment on how something else would have worked better.

Salamanca's strategy was simple. Keep Springville as far away from the goalline as possible when giving them the ball. A couple of quick kicks and some stellar defense did just that.

For the Warriors, it was a fitting finale. to a season that left the feeling of frustration when four points might have been the difference between a 6-3 record and an 8-1 finish.

For the Griffins, it was a heartbreaker.