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WGRZ 2019 Class D Preview

Dick Gallagher gives his 2019 high school football team preview for the Class D Division.

FORECAST: 1. Clymer/Sherman/Panama 2. Franklinville/Ellicottville 3. Maple Grove 4. Salamanca 5. Randolph 6. Cattaraugus/LV


Wolfpack had a dream season in 2018 going undefeated and winning a Class D State Championship. The JV squad was undefeated with an 8-0 record. Offense will be led by Cameron Barmore, Gerrit Hinsdale, Zavon Overton and John Swabik. Ty Harper’s squad will compete for another league, sectional and state championship. They will host Maple Grove in the opener and Cleveland Hill in week 6 in a non-league game. They return 11 players this season.

Head Coach: Ty Harper (27-20-0) 5 years Assistant Coaches: Chris Payne, Dave Bodamer, Bob Newton, Brad Barmore, Bill Schneider 2018 Varsity Record: 13-0-0 Starters Returning: Offense is 4, Defense is 3. Key Players: Cam Barmore, Gerrit Hinsdale, John Swabik, Zavon Overton, Lucas Rater, Connor Cooper, Alex Dunnewold Key Losses: Derek Ecklund, Steven Ryan, Jordan Smouse, Mitchell Hovey 2018 JV Record: 8-0-0


Titans have a new head coach in Jason Marsh who replaced Chad Bartoszek. They return 9 starters on both sides of the and will compete for a league title. They have All-WNY players in Logan Frank, Clayton Rowland and Zach Wolfer. Other key players include Jordan Grinols, Wyatt Chudy and Niklas Logel. They host Allegany-Limestone at Franklinville in the opener. They also host CSP in week 3. They return 13 players this season.

Head Coach: Jason Marsh Assistant Coaches: Mark Blecha, Chris Mendell, Scott Palmatier, Reed Mitrowski 2018 Varsity Record: 5-4-0 Starters Returning: Offense is 9, Defense is 9. Key Players: Logan Frank, Tyler Clear, Zach Wolfer, Niklas Logel, Clayton Rowland, Jordan Grinols, Jordan Peplinski, Wyatt Chudy, Brett Kryniski, Gabe Hauri Key Losses: Steven Rowland, Ben Mooney 2018 JV Record: 1-4-2


The Red Dragons have been to 8 consecutive sectional championships, winning 5. They open at CSP and play at Silver Creek/Forestville in week 2. They return 12 players this year. They have an All-WNY candidate in Jake Tomlinson who recorded 92 tackles in 2018. Other key players include Jackson Gowan, Carter Martin, Luke Tomlinson, Adam Reagle and Kyle Trimm. They will be a competitive team. Key to the season will be the play of the QB and line.

Head Coach: Justin Hanft (6-4-0) 1 year Assistant Coaches: Jake Swan 2018 Varsity Record: 6-4-0 Starters Returning: Offense is 3. Defense is 2. Key Players: Jake Tomlinson, Adam Reagle, Kyle Trimm, Jackson Gowan, Carter Martin, Luke Tomlinson Key Losses: Easton Tanner, Carson Crist, DJ Brown


Warriors return 14 players. Key players include Kody Shinners, Jarrett McKenna and Lucas McKenna. They will be competitive this year. They host Randolph in the opener. Chad Bartoszek is the new head coach for the Warriors.

Head Coach: Chad Bartoszek (43-16-0) 6 years Assistant Coaches: TBA 2018 Varsity Record: 4-5-0 Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 5. Key Players: Kody Shinners, Jerrett McKenna, Lucas McKenna Key Losses: Asa John, Nik Milks, Tyler Hedlund


Cardinals achieved a 6-3 record in 2018 but only return 4 starters. They open at Salamanca and host Franklinville/Ellicottville in week 2. Key players will include Alex Finch, Josh Brown and QB Tyler Hind. They return 12 players this season. Brent Brown has a 35-8-0 record in 4 years as head coach.

Head Coach: Brent Brown (45-16-0) 6 years Assistant Coaches: Nate Armella, JJ Peterson, Jeff Pagett, Chad Slade, Gerald Carlson, Lucas Burch 2018 Varsity Record: 6-3-0 Starters Returning: Offense is 2, Defense is 2. Key Players: Tyler Hind, Josh Brown, Alex Finch Key Losses: Andrew Bernard, Mason Pagett


The Timberwolves look to improve from last year’s 1-win season. Key players include Vinnie Pascarell and Hunter Furl. They return 14 players this season. They open at JFK and host Salamanca in week 2. They could struggle again this year.

Head Coach: Tim Miller (92-119-0) 23 years Assistant Coaches: unknown 2018 Varsity Record: 1-8-0 Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 5. Key Players: Vinnie Gascarella, Hunter Furl Key Losses: Sam Grey, Damion Ly

PRESEASON ALL-LEAGUE Offense QB – Gerrit Hinsdale, CSP RB – John Swabik, CSP RB – Wyatt Chudy, Franklinville/Ellicottville RB – Hunter Furl, Cattaraugus/LV WR – Savon Overton, CSP WR – Jarrett McKenna, Salamanca OL – Alex Dunnewald, CSP OL – Vinnie Pascarella, Cattaraugus/LV OL – Zachary Walter, Franklinville/Ellicottville OL – Kody Shinners, Salamanca Defense DL – Lucas Rater, CSP DL – Nicklas Logel, Franklinville/Ellicottville DL – Josh Brown, Randolph DL – Kyle Trimm, Maple Grove LB – Clayton Rowland, Franklinville/Ellicottville LB – Connor Cooper, CSP LB – Alex Finch, Randolph DB – Carter Martin, Maple Grove DB – John Swabik, CSP DB – Logan Frank, Franklinville/Ellicottville

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