After injury, teen receives care package from Warriors

Maki Becker, The Buffalo News

In his 20 years of coaching high school football, Jason Przybysz has seen his share of injuries on the field.

The tackle Sept. 18 that left one of his junior varsity players, Douglas Hunt, with two broken bones in his ankle was an especially brutal one.

But it was the response to that injury that Przybysz, now Cleveland Hill's athletic director, said surprised him the most.

"It is one of those types of stories. It's about athletics, but it's not just that," he said of the response by those connected with the opposing team.

Here's what happened:

It was third quarter of the JV game between the Salamanca Warriors and Cleve Hill's Golden Eagles. The score was tied.

Hunt was running the ball down the field when Carmine Pierce tackled him on Salamanca's 25-yard line and Hunt's foot got stuck underneath Pierce.

"It was not in the right place. You could hear it. You could see it," said Przybysz.

Pierce could feel the ankle bones break underneath him as the players fell, his mother, Terri Remsen, said.

Remsen watched in horror as Hunt tried to stand up and then crumpled in agony, letting out a scream.

Her son jumped up "and was freaking out," Remsen said. Pierce ran to the sidelines and paced back and forth, not knowing what to do. He then took a knee along with everyone else on the field as EMTs tended to Hunt. It took almost a half-hour to get Hunt ready to be transferred to an ambulance.