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Salamanca schools adopt ‘brand’ design not related to logo, name concern

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While the Salamanca City Central School District continues to address the state directive over Native American names and sports team mascots, a process to identify a singular brand look for the district is complete.

Dr. Mark Beehler, district superintendent, said the process began about nine months ago with the intent of helping the district clearly identify itself through specific colors and fonts.

“As one walks throughout the district, we see ourselves identified in a variety of red and gray shades as well as various fonts,” Beehler told the Board of Education Tuesday.

In order to provide some consistency, the district began working with OtherWisz Creative of Buffalo to identify what specific shades of red and gray and what specific font the district will use moving foward, Beehler said. The district will also incorporate a lettermark — a logo comprising an abbreviation — that emphasizes “Salamanca.”

Beehler said a variety of people worked through the process with the district, including administrators, students, parents and community members.

At the board meeting, a branding manual was shown to display the specific colors and font to be associated with the Salamanca school district as they move forward with construction projects, uniforms for sports and extracurriculars and other items that go with the school’s image “so we can provide some consistency across the district,” Beehler explained.

The new logo features “Salamanca” in red with gray outline above “City Central School District” in gray. The new monogram lettermark features the “S” of Salamanca from the logo, both of which have a single feather weaved through the "S" as a representation of the Seneca Nation.

Beehler said the brand design is intended to be used in conjunction with the school’s name and logo as they begin to develop signage throughout the district for construction projects or select colors for our uniforms so there is a specific color, font and lettermark that can be associated with Salamanca City Central School District and provide some consistency.

“This is not replacing the Warrior name or our Seneca logo,” he said. “This will essentially be put into the mix with our discussions with regard to our logo and our Warriors over the next several months.”


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