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There Will Be Respect On Both Sidelines In Class D

When Franklinville/Ellicottville and Salamanca take the field tonight with the Section VI Class D championship on the line, their head coaches may both feel like they are on the wrong sideline.

Second-year Warriors head coach Chad Bartoszek was the head man for the Titans for the first five years of their merger after leading Ellicottville for the final season of its independent existence.

Marsh, on the other hand, was the head coach of the Warriors for nine years through 2014 before eventually being hired to replace Bartoszek when he left for his alma mater.

The two have known each other for years because when Marsh took over the Salamanca program in 2005, Bartoszek was one of his first assistant coaches.

“I knew Chad was a good coach. He always does everything with a lot of energy and has a great passion for the game,” Marsh said Wednesday night. “He was definitely somebody you wanted to have around your program.”

The pair worked together for “three or four years,” according to Bartoszek before he took a job in the Portville school district.

“Schematically, things are similar. I’m sure we are probably using similar language in our play calling,” Bartoszek said Wednesday evening. “He has a couple of different things he likes to do and I do, too. We’re pretty close on quite a few things.”

Undoubtedly, they’ve rooted for each other week in and week out the past two seasons — except when they were playing each other.

Tonight they’ll have their own teams’ interests at heart.

Salamanca, a two-time Section VI Class B champion (1982, ’84) and seven-time Class C champion (’86, ’90, ’93, ’96, ’98, ’99, 2001) is looking for its first Class D title.

“Chad went in there and he’s changed the culture of the program,” Marsh said. “He definitely was the right person for the job down there. The kids are buying in to what he’s putting out.”

Franklinville/Ellicottville, on the other hand, has one sectional crown as a merged program — that came in 2015 when the Titans beat Frewsburg 34-7.

Since then, Franklinville/Ellicottville has lost three finals, including a 22