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White, McKenna, Stahlman earn team MVP honors

Highlighting the postseason team awards for the Salamanca Football team, were seniors Jarod White, Lucas McKenna and Ezra Stahlman, who were given the program's MVP awards. McKenna was named the team's Offensive MVP while White and Stahlman were both named Defensive MVP's.

Filling out the rest of the 2021 (Spring) team honors and recognition were:

Trevor Ellis: Kyle Scott Whistleman Award

Kody Shinners: Warrior Pride Award

Carter Stoltz: Warrior Pride Award (Trench Trophy Nominee)

Eion Quigley: Scout Team Award

William Crouse: Trench Trophy Nominee

Jarod White: Trench Trophy Nominee

The "Kyle Scott Whistleman Award,” is given to a player who never takes a play off, is a dedicated teammate and exemplifies passion for the sport. A true representative for what it means to be a Warrior, both on the field and in the communities they serve.

The Redbird Award is given annually to an individual(s) for their commitment to go above and beyond program expectations. They set the standard for what it means to be a Warrior in practice and competition.


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